About Us

About Us

Learnora School is a purpose driven, faith-based school with a mandate to reinforce the true essence of education and learning. The word “LEARNORA” is derived from two words, the English word “learn” and ‘ora”, derived from the Latin word “orare” which means ‘to speak”. Put together, Learnora is “learning that speaks” or better still, transformational, evidential learning; learning that changes for the better.

The reality is that our children will be growing up in a different world than we parents grew up in. This will require a different set of skills, character and competencies. The pupils at Learnora are prepared with this reality in mind to confidently face the future, leveraging on each one’s uniqueness considering the increasing competitiveness they will face in future.

Our school is therefore designed to raise well rounded and complete children, bearing in mind their unique physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs.  Our methods of teaching are engaging, participatory and transformational. We provide a safe and inspiring learning environment; 21st century skills learning, strong academic emphasis, moral and value training and Total Child Development.

Our Management Team has close to 20 years practical experience in building award winning educational institutions. Therefore, you can be sure your children are in capable hands, under God.

We hope you find our website interesting and informative. We believe this is the beginning of a journey that will be filled with happy school memories.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Learnora School.


The Learnora dream is to raise an educational organization where the four major stakeholders will have their expectations met:

The pupils will love to learn; develop competence and character so as to make the best of their future

The teachers will have the due dignity and pride which should be associated with the teaching profession

The school management will see an organization running according to the game plan, the core values and vision

The parents and host community will be proud, willing to send their kids and encouraged to be part of the project themselves

E – Education- Well rounded, developmental and experiential learning to raise problem solvers is our focus.

L – Love, compassion and genuine care is what motivates us

I – Integrity and Godly Character development is the foundation of our faith based education

T – Teamwork and Mutual Respect is key, both ways from management, staff and students.

E – Excellence is our pursuit in all we say, do and send out.


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