The crèche forms an integral part of our school. Enjoy our serene and warm environment with dedicated care givers.


We employ the Montessori method. Children learn through role-play and hands-on methods among others.


Children are helped to deepen their knowledge by observing, planning, experimenting, testing, thinking etc.

Core Values

We strive to be the new definition of ELITE; we treat our people and prepare them to be ELITE, regardless of our status.


Thank you for visiting our website. You are welcome to Learnora school, where we raise leaders in character and competence by inspiring an attitude of life-long learning. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions parents must make, considering the different needs of every child, and we are poised to be of help in this regard.

Learnora School is a purpose driven, faith-based school with a mandate to reinforce the true essence of education and learning. The word “LEARNORA” is derived from two words, the English word “learn” and ‘ora”, derived from the Latin word “orare” which means ‘to speak”. Put together, Learnora is “learning that speaks” or better still, transformational, evidential learning; learning that changes for the better.

The reality is that our children will be growing up in a different world than we parents grew up in. This will require a different set of skills, character and competencies. The pupils at Learnora are prepared with this reality in mind to confidently face the future, leveraging on each one’s uniqueness considering the increasing competitiveness they will face in future.

Our school is therefore designed to raise well rounded and complete children, bearing in mind their unique physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs. Our methods of teaching are… Read more

Our Vision

To inspire learning for life

Our Impact

Our Mission

To raise a total (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional) child, inspired with the fear of God and love for mankind, armed with a strong biblical moral character and a passionate learning culture who will stand out positively wherever they find themselves in life.

Our Core Values

Our vore values are from the acronym ELITE:

  • E – Education
  • L – Love
  • I – Integrity
  • T – Teamwork
  • E – Excellence